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Career Counseling

IEBC helps students to choose the right program to study in the right country at the right time. Initially we try to understand a student’s perspective and in which country they are interested to study in. we will take in consideration of their background, knowledge and progress to suggest and give them proper guidance

Formatting Documents

Document formatting is the next big step for student’s immigration process. In the documentation process we mainly prepare our students according to the requirements of a targeted high Commission or an embassy. For student visas embassies usually look for the financial status of a student’s guardian as to if or if not he/she can afford the living & tuition fee in the guest country.

Bank statement, education loan, Income source, property and CA report are also the few main documents that are required.

Apart from that, medical and police reports are vital documents.

Hence, we guide students, on presenting the necessary documents and we provide all application forms required by the consulate and help students to fill it.

Selection of College/Universities

After the formal counseling is conducted with student, we will help them in selecting good educational institutions. It is a very concerned decision whilst making sure to select the right educational institution abroad. One of our main task is to discover a well-established institution and provide students with error-free applications. We make the procedure simple for the student by recommending good institution that would go with their individual, educational and financial position.

IEBC also guides the students on topics like, payment of fees, suitable accommodation, food, weather conditions, with suitable clothing options and many other needed knowledge.


Interview Preparation & Pre-departure Briefing

IEBC prepares students on how to face interviews by the high Commission or embassies.

We provide them with extra knowledge; like the types of questions asked by visa officers as Visa officers mainly look for the confidence and the presentation skill of an individual.


Info on Admission Requirement

Every country’s institution has their own criteria for accepting international students in their institutions. All educational institutions require the academic background of a student whilst also making sure that the English proficiency of a student is acceptable.

For the English assessment, institutions demand an IELTSZZ/PTE result.

These exams are not commonly known by students, hence we will provide them with clear knowledge on such requirements.


Accommodation & Travel Arrangement

After the successful approval of a student visa, with request of a student we will guide them with accommodation & travel arrangement and accommodation arrangement knowledge. It would also include situations that a student have to face after the arrival in a totally new environment in a foreign country.


IELTS Preparation

The process of studying for IELTS can be overwhelming. It always is of great importance to ones future as IELTS has immense importance due to its acceptability in almost every colleges and universities abroad.

IEBC has taken the initiative to provide all possible help and services to students who wish to undertake the IELTS test. Keeping the importance of IELTS that the students need in regard for the same, we’ve established IEC IELTS Center dedicated entirely to IELTS with a view to cater to every need for students appearing or planning to appear for their IELTS test.